Panorama Affiliates Deliver More For Their Clients

Panorama Affiliate solutions is a concierge service with curated product, advisory, and support services to build, manage and grow your practice.

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Why Brokers Join The Affiliate Program

Our model invests in your vision, whether that is starting a new venture, managing your existing accomplishments, or aspiring to take your business to new heights. Our platform is flexible and allows affiliates to dictate the level of services needed. Upon joining, a dedicated specialist is assigned to facilitate the utilization of Panorama services.

Affiliates Connect With More Opportunities, Directly

Expand your opportunities and connect with more customers through direct access to more markets. With a marketing team that knows its way around, we can rate for you so you can focus on what you do best. 

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Markets & Placement

Access to 300+ markets accompanied by placement specialists who maintain expertise in multiple carrier market niches and underwriting guidelines.

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Technology & Operations Support

Leverage a wealth of tools to enhance workflows, policy management and other back office support.

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Human Capital

Our in-house agency is designed to provide direct client interaction, whether in the form of advisory to help cross-sell additional products, close larger, complex accounts, and if desired, assume all ongoing servicing needs.

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Be Your Best By Working With The Best

Affiliate Benefits

  • Broad access to markets and products to build and drive growth
  • Placement specialists and advisors
  • Operational platform to increase and improve retention, drive growth and profitability

Affiliate Customer Benefits

  • Data insights help target specialized products for your demographics
  • Optimal balance of coverage and pricing based on risk tolerance
  • Elevated loss control and claims services to drive further optimization

Panorama And Its Affiliates Share A Common Role, Which Is That Of A Fiduciary.

Affiliates' most valuable asset is time and our platform protects it by delivering products and tools that allow them to focus exclusively on the client, addressing their risk, and securing their assets. Our model enables firms to offer boutique services backed by the stability and scale of a large network.

Select Carrier Partnerships in a Wide Variety of Markets Across All 50 States

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my agency name need to change?Details

Keep your own name & client marketing. Panorama works for you behind the scenes to bring you access to top insurance companies, in-house rating expertise, and insurance knowledge to help you give the best possible service to your clients.

What if I have a lot of my own experience? How will joining Panorama help me?Details

Access to dozens and dozens of top-rated insurance companies combined with market knowledge and leverage with insurance companies, our Affiliate Program can help take your business to the next level.

What if I want to come 'in-house'?Details

Tired of running your own agency? Panorama has the option to become an in-house member of Panorama in the event that you do not want the responsibility of running your own independent agency. Sometimes renting your own office, employing staff, managing IT – and all that entails – just becomes too much for you. We may have a solution to help you. However, we encourage you to become an Affiliate first. You may find that our services to Affiliates are such that you will be happy to stay independent and separate. We would be happy to discuss the pros and cons with you. Please feel free to call us to talk about this option.

Choices. Rates. Quality.

With Panorama, we take a big-picture approach to ensuring your clients’ wants and needs are all covered. 

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