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health & benefits

Looking Ahead to Deliver Optimized Health and Benefits Performance Outcomes

When designing a comprehensive employee benefits and health insurance program, we believe that forward-thinking is critical. That’s why we take a multi-year approach to assessing your organizational and workforce needs and use predictive modeling tools to develop projections based on demographics and claims data. After your plan has been developed, we continue to scan the landscape to determine the impact plan changes would have on your financial profile, employee experience, and administrative responsibilities. This commitment is capped by a year-end reporting, which measures our performance against your expectations.


& Expertise


From the outset, we develop a 3-year plan with built-in assessments to help guide your choices throughout changes in your business or market environment. We focus on underwriting to establish credibility with insurance carriers, and provide consulting on complex funding arrangements, pharmacy benefit management, stop loss, and other technical items. Our best-in-class benchmarking tools provide strategic recommendations and ensure competitiveness, while our unique data analytics determine premium or premium equivalent options.


Our team sets themselves apart with an average tenure of 15 years in the health benefits industry, including experience on the insurance carrier, brokerage and consulting sides of our business. The combination of each member’s unique background is Panorama’s foundation. We offer subject matter expertise in funding methodologies, underwriting, health and wellness, human capital, pharmacy benefit management, compliance, benefits communications, mergers and acquisitions, international benefits, and more.

health & benefits